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LCD panel knowledge

Author:admin Time:2017-08-05

We know that the production of civilian LCD monitors is only a process of assembly, the LCD panel, main control circuit, shell and other parts of the main installed, basically there will not be too complex technical problems. The manufacturing process of the most important liquid crystal panel is very complex. At least 300 processes are needed, and the whole process needs to be carried out in dust-free environment and precise technology.
LCD panel structure:
The general structure of LCD panel is not complicated, we can divide it into two parts: liquid crystal panel and backlight system.
(1) LED backlight system of LCD panel:
The backlight system includes a backlight board, a Bei Guangyuan (CCFL or LED), a diffuser (used to distribute light evenly), a diffuser, and so on. Because the LCD does not emit light, so it needs other light source to illuminate is the backlight system, but currently used CCFL lamp or LED backlight, do not have the characteristics of surface light source component, therefore need a light guide plate, such as the linear diffusion sheet, or point light source light evenly to the entire surface. The purpose is to let the LCD panel on the entire surface of the luminous intensity of the different points of the same, but the actual ideal state is very difficult to do, is not only to reduce the brightness uniformity of the backlight system design have great test and workmanship.
(2) liquid crystal panel:
The liquid crystal panel from outside to inside are horizontal polarizer, color filter, liquid crystal, TFT glass, vertical polarizer, in addition to the LCD panel edge and IC driver and the printed circuit board, mainly used to control the signal transmission and display rotation of liquid crystal molecules within the plate. The liquid crystal panel is thin and has no power. It is translucent in shape, and its configuration is like a sandwich. The lower TFT glass and the upper color filter are sandwiched with liquid crystals.
LCD panel principle:
Liquid crystal with light refraction properties of solid crystals, with the liquid flow characteristics, in the electrode drive, can be arranged according to the main control way to control the light, through the strength, then in color filter, color of each pixel by red, green and blue three colors, finally get a complete picture of the image.

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