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The working principle of TFT-LCD LCD

Author:admin Time:2017-08-05

The origin of lcd:
A liquid crystal display refers to a large number of displays made by liquid crystals. Now, the name for LCD is mostly for use in notebook computers, or for desktop computers. Thin film transistor liquid crystal display. Its English name is "Thin-film transistor liquid crystal display", referred to as "TFT LCD". From its English name, we can see that this kind of monitor has two main features, one is the thin film transistor, the other is the liquid crystal itself.
Liquid crystal classification
First of all, we know about liquid crystals. We generally think that matter has three states, such as water, solid, liquid and gas. In fact, the three state of matter is for water, and for different substances, there may be other different states. We are going to talk about the state of liquid crystal, it is a state between solid and liquid, in fact, this is only a process of material phase change, as long as the material with the above process, namely in solid and liquid between the existing state, physicists will be called a liquid crystal.
According to the order of molecular arrangement, can be divided into the following four categories:
(1) lamellar liquid crystals:
The structure is formed by the aggregation of liquid crystal rod molecules, forming a layer and a layer of structure. The long axis of the molecules of each layer is parallel to each other. And the direction of the long axis is perpendicular to each level plane or has an inclination angle. Because its structure is very similar to that of crystal, it is also called smectic phase.
(2) linear liquid crystals:
Mainly because the liquid crystal is observed with the naked eye, it looks like a silk pattern. The liquid crystal molecule has one dimensional regular arrangement in space, and the long axis of all rodlike liquid crystal molecules will select a specific direction as the main axis and be arranged in parallel with each other. And unlike lamellar liquid crystals, it has a layered structure. Compared with the layer nematic liquid crystal, the arrangement is more disorder, that is, the order parameter S is smaller than the lamellar liquid crystal. In addition, its viscosity is smaller, so it is easier to flow. Linear liquid crystal is now commonly used in TFT LCD TN lcd.
(3) cholesteric liquid crystals:
Most of them are produced by derivatives of cholesterol. But some liquid crystals without cholesterol structure also have this liquid crystal phase. If it is separated from one layer to another, it will look very much like linear liquid crystal.
(4) dish shaped liquid crystal:
It is also called a columnar liquid crystal. It is long like a dish to a liquid crystal. But the arrangement is like a column.

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