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What is a pulse pressing machine? What's the use of it?

Author:admin Time:2017-08-04

The concept of press setting machine:
Pressure discharging machine is also called "hot press", "pressure screen machine" and so on, pressure machine as a touch screen, LCD screen repair equipment one, mainly to replace the cable cable poor screen, and different pressure machine its yield will also have very big difference, the choice of a good the equipment can bring customers great cost savings.
Press sorting machine:
By means of different heating ways of the press head, the pressing machine can be divided into a pulse pressing machine and a constant temperature press discharging machine
Principle of pulse pressure setting machine:
Pulse pressure discharging machine by hot pressing head loading pulse voltage to achieve instant heating effect, so the cable temperature, time and pressure to perfect and ACF glue fit 100% adhesive on the LCD screen. The pulse compressor mainly aims at replacing the twisted cables in the LCD screen. If the IC chips are damaged, the processing yield will be greatly reduced.
The principle of constant temperature press setting machine:
The constant temperature press setting machine controls the heating system of the mechanical equipment by the constant temperature. The constant temperature means that the temperature is set up, and the temperature of the pulse can be fluctuated with the need. For the process, constant temperature mechanical equipment is very common, the cost is generally much lower than the pulse. Pulse heating is mainly at the time of work, the temperature can be increased rapidly to several hundred degrees, the work temperature can be rapidly dropped to normal temperature, all the same general equipment, pulse than constant temperature high prices.
The main composition parameters of the press can be divided into three aspects: temperature, time and pressure, and a good press can reduce the bad rate and save the cost. Of course, the pulse punching machine is not necessarily applicable to all manufacturers, such as from the cost and high and low end of the product.
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