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Method for setting safe brightness parameter of display screen LED

Author:admin Time:2017-08-01

The brightness of the display LED should be adjusted according to the environment nearby and the intensity of light. I will introduce the method of setting up the LED safe brightness parameter for the display.
(1) adjust the brightness of the LED screen according to the ambient brightness
The main purpose of brightness adjustment is to adjust the brightness of the LED screen according to the light intensity of the environment, so that the LED screen looks clear, bright and dazzling. Most of the domestic LED display manufacturers have realized this function, but the real use of this technology enterprises and users is not much, on the one hand, the lack of environmental brightness detecting device accurate and easy to use on the market, on the other hand, LED display industry lack of adjustment specification for reference.
(2) regulate the blue output of the LED screen
The human eye has different perception ability to light at different wavelengths. Because brightness is based on the parameters of human eye perception, the intensity of light can not be accurately reflected by brightness only. The dose of radiation can be used as a measure of the visible light safety energy, which can reflect the dose of light to the eye. Irradiance should be used to measure the value of the device, not to the brightness of the blue light of the eye, as a basis for interpreting whether or not the intensity of the blue light would cause eye damage.

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