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Touch screen knowledge

Author:admin Time:2017-07-31

The principle of touch screen: touch screen is actually a positioning device. When we touch the touch screen, it can input some coordinate information to the computer.
The advantages of touch screen: touch screen, it has many advantages, such as robustness, fast response, space saving and easy communication. We use the touch screen only need to gently finger touch on the computer screen icons or text can be achieved on the host operating finger, so that make the human-computer interaction more straightforward, the great convenience to the users who do not understand computer operation.
Use scope: the scope of the touch screen touch screen is very wide, widely used in government agencies, business office, industrial control, military command, electronic games, song order, multimedia teaching, real estate pre-sale, for now, the touch screen has become a part of the family need.
Touch screen type:
(1) touch screen can be divided into: plug-in type, built-in type and integral type.
The plug-in touch screen is a touch screen device directly installed in front of the display device. The touch screen is easy to install and very suitable for temporary use. The built-in touch screen is that the touch detection device is installed in the casing of the display device and in front of the picture tube. When the display device is made, the touch detecting device is made on the kinescope, so that the display device has the touch function directly, and this is the integral touch screen.
(2) they are divided into five categories: vector pressure sensor, touch screen, resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, surface acoustic wave touch screen.
One vector pressure sensor touch-screen technology has quit the stage of history; infrared touch screen technology and low price, but the frame is fragile, easy to produce light interference and surface distortion; capacitance touch screen design is reasonable, but the image distortion is very difficult to solve the problem; the resistance touch screen positioning accurately, but its price high, and fear of vulnerability scratch; surface acoustic wave touch screen solves various defects of previous touch screen, clear and not easy to be damaged, suitable for various occasions, the disadvantage is the surface of the screen if there are water droplets and dust will make the touch-screen slow, do not even work. According to the working principle of touch screen and the medium of transmitting information, the touch screen is divided into four kinds, they are resistance type, infrared type, capacitance induction type and surface acoustic wave type.

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