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Method for communication between singlechip and man-machine interface

Author:admin Time:2017-07-28

We know that many industrial control or product design by the PLC function, extended trouble, constraints and other aspects of the need of expensive, independently developed a special function, but also need to connect the touch screen communications, engineers often need to spend a lot of effort in this respect. SCM communication with the man-machine interface, there are two, two communication protocols, industrial standards Modbus RTU protocol and engineers define their own free protocol.
I. Modbus RTU protocol:
Advantages: industrial standard communication protocol, with versatility, large amount of data transmission
Disadvantages: take time to understand the protocol format and write communications programs as required
Two. The free protocol defined by the Engineer himself:
Advantages: data format, customers own definition, flexible, customized, can simulate any known message communication protocol
Disadvantages: the transmission of data is not large, versatility is not strong, transplantation is not convenient
Engineers can choose the ideal solution according to the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of communication protocols mentioned above.

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