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What is the QLED screen? What's the difference between QLED screen and OLED screen?

Author:admin Time:2017-07-27

What is the QLED screen? What's the difference between QLED screen and OLED screen?
The most fundamental difference between the two is that OLED is based on the principle of organic electroluminescent, and QLED is based on the principle of inorganic electroluminescent.
And because the thermal stability and chemical stability index was generally higher than that of inorganic organic compounds, so in theory, the QLED light source stability and service life of the key indicators is stronger than OLED, which is also some people think that QLED is more worthy of looking forward to the next generation display technology reason.
Mobile phone manufacturers have always liked to buy OLED screens, because these features comply with the requirements of the mobile phone industry, but the TV panel and mobile phone panel is completely two things, the screen requirements are completely different. TV panels are often large in size and require high stability, and the service life is often 7-10 years.
In the past, TV makers were interested in OLED screens because, in theory, OLED screens were slim, power efficient, and colorful, which helped light up, save energy, and color display. But as quantum dot technology continues to evolve, the Samsung QLED screen is gradually losing OLED technology advantage.
The advantages of the QLED screen are the following two points:
(1) high color gamut, pure color, stable and durable features are not only magnified, but also have advantages over OLED in contrast, brightness, image color and power consumption control.
(2) in the process of production, OLED is mostly produced by evaporation process. This method is very demanding for the environment, and the process is complex, the equipment is precise, and most importantly, it is difficult to meet the production needs of large-size screen. The QLED luminescent center is a semiconductor nanocrystal, and the manufacturing cost is low, and the size of the semiconductor is easy to break through the size limit.
For consumers, the purchase of TV basically only four points: 1. price, 2. picture quality, 3. energy consumption, 4. screen size.
OLED in these four points can not do the market balance, QLED technology is precisely in these four competitive points in the industry dominance.
(1) price: at present, QLED TV and OLED TV are generally more high-end, but because of the relatively mature production process of QLED screen, the price of QLED TV is lower overall.
(2) picture quality: there is little difference between QLED TV and OLED TV, and even QLED TV has more than OLED TV on many indexes.
(3) energy consumption: OLED TV only saves electricity when it shows black, and QLED improves the color and energy saving level of LCD TV products by improving the quality and performance of LED light source products. The power consumption of QLED TV is only 1/5 / 1/10 of LCD, and the cost is only half of lcd. This is of great help to improve the quality of traditional LCD TV and LCD products. From the actual daily use point of view, QLED TV in the integrated scene more power saving.
(4) screen size: at present, consumers are more and more inclined to buy large screen tv. But the OLED TV screen is bigger, more prone to burning phenomenon, and the QLED at the break size limit has more advantages on this level, this is more adapt to the generally larger TV panel Market environment.
Whether the market or technical level, the most preferred is not the OLED screen, and after years of optimization, OLED screen has not been able to achieve.

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