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The principle of dispensing machine and common problems of dispensing machine and solving problems

Author:admin Time:2017-07-26

Shenzhen EUROLINK automation equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, R & D and design engineering staff of 25 people, professional design, development, production and sales of LCD module packaging equipment, capacitive touch screen production equipment, production line of automated packaging equipment, has a complete and scientific quality management system, the value-added tax general taxpayer.
Main products:
1. LCD module, mainly engaged in products:
Large, medium, small size COG, semi-automatic COG, fully automatic COG, ACF attaching machine, COG press, TAB, FOG
Hot press, bonding machine, SMT machine, tear film machine, detection device, PLASMA, LCD washing machine;
1) modular auxiliaries:
IC dismantling machine, ACF splitter, ACF dismantling machine, molybdenum wire machine, heating platform, manual or pneumatic test rack, etc.
Module equipment 6 units, the most cost-effective, stable, safe and practical!
2. capacitive screen touch screen device:
G+F laminating machine, G+G vacuum laminating machine, touch screen, ACF attaching machine, touch screen FOG, hot press, PETOCA laminating machine, F+F
Automatic laminating machine, TP protective film laminating machine;
3., packaging automation equipment: packaging automation production line, labeling machine, sealing machine, shrink film packaging machine, etc.
4. non-standard project design and research and development
To undertake the 5. LCD module and TP equipment maintenance, the cost of production and sales of accessories (quartz, test frame, all kinds of pressure head, SU440C head, tungsten titanium alloy head, head of maintenance, polishing or design)
Dispensing machine: dispenser called gluing machine, glue machine, glue machine glue machine glue machine company.
Dispensing machine is an automatic machine specially designed to control the flow of the fluid and apply it to the surface of the product or to the product. Dispensing machine is mainly used in the product process of glue, paint and other liquid precise point, note, besmear, drip to each product accurate position, can be used to achieve RBI, draw line, round or arc type. Climbing.
What is the glue machine, glue machine, what is what is the glue machine, glue machine is what equipment, they mainly use liquid such as solvents, adhesives, paint, chemical materials, solid glue, including silica gel, EMI conductive adhesive, UV glue, AB glue, glue, epoxy adhesive, sealant, heat grease, glue, silver glue, red glue, paste, paste, solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixing agent, wood glue, anaerobic adhesive, acrylic adhesive, abrasion proof glue, crystal glue, glue, filling plastic horn, instant glue, rubber, paint, lacquer, enamel paint, ink, pigment and so on note to the industry, IT digital products and electronic products processing industry, industry, trademark horn mobile phone manufacturing industry LCD liquid crystal display products, power industry, photovoltaic industry. LED lighting industry. Products with high precision, high speed, high yield production.
1 accessories: PU glue dispensing machine, using PU glue dispensing machine, UV glue using specific needle dispensing.
2, dispensing process: ordinary dispensing using semi-automatic dispensing machine (such as foot control), accurate positioning, marking the use of desktop, three axis, round and so on, with automatic function dispenser. The automatic function of dispensing machine is in fact subsidiary function. Dispensing machine can control glue more, and other functions can be realized by automatic manipulator.
3, work efficiency and environment: less products, not the pursuit of efficiency, the use of hand glue guns; outdoor work, use glue guns. Require precise control over the contest, use the machine. Automatic dispensing is required and machines with automated functions are used.
4, cost: dispensing schemes are diverse, not all dispensing machines need to be used, and not all automatic dispensing must be attached to the dispenser. From the cost point of view, if a glue needs to be used at a high price, the machine may consider replacing the glue. If the price of the dispenser is too high, you may consider moving products instead of dispensing heads.
Dispensing machine common problems: dispensing machine most often encountered is the valve problem, the following to solve the problem of the use of rubber valve often effective method.
1, rubber valve drip: this situation often occurs after the rubber valve closed.
(1) 95% of this situation is due to the small caliber of the needle used.
(2) the needle is too small will affect the flow of liquid caused by back pressure, resulting in the rubber valve closed shortly after the formation of leakage. The small needle will affect the exhaust rubber valve when starting to use bubble movement. As long as the replacement of the needle can greatly solve this problem.
(3) the taper back needle produces the least back pressure and the liquid flow is the most smooth.
(4) the liquid air in the rubber valve closed will produce leakage phenomenon, the best is precluded in liquid air, or use is not easy to bubble containing gel. First glue or centrifugal defoaming after use.
2, the size of the gum is inconsistent: when the gum does not coincide, mainly for storage of fluid pressure cylinder or air pressure instability generated.
(1) the intake pressure regulating table should be set to the minimum pressure is low than 10 to 15psi., the use of intermediate pressure cylinder pressure should be above the pressure between the table, should avoid the use of pressure gauge in low pressure part between.
(2) the control pressure of rubber valve should be at least 60psi to ensure the stability of the rubber.
(3) the adhesive time should be checked at the end. If less than 15/1000 seconds, it will cause instability of the gum. The longer the gel time is, the more stable the gum will be.
3, the flow rate is too slow: if the flow rate is too slow, the pipeline should be changed from 1/4 to 3/8".
(1) if the pipeline does not need, should be short as soon as possible.
(2) in addition to changing the pipe, it also needs to change the glue mouth and air pressure, so that it can completely speed up the flow rate.
4, the bubble in the fluid: too large fluid pressure, if coupled with a short opening valve time, it is possible to air infiltration into the liquid

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