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Is COB cheaper than SMT?

Author:admin Time:2017-07-26

Under the general people's cognition, whether COB is cheaper than SMT? (LED source part) because a lot of people like, playing, polycrystalline and single crystal monomer encapsulated another monomer, whether it refers to COB and SMT?
If the LED light for it: 1.COB LED lights, that is, the whole package of LED lights, and do not require solder action, right?
2.SMT LED light is also packaged, but it has a foot position, the machine or manual to do the action of solder?
3.COB SMT is required after the completion of the action, then the whole pearl embedded with PCB clean room work right?
4. as a matter of fact, the quality of COB is higher than that of SMT
5.COB factory will certainly be SMT technical production, or the kind of cooperation?
6.COB+SMT factory will be more than COB factory to find, with SMT factory cheaper, better quality?
7., the last stupid question, is there a better process than COB and SMT?

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