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About the life of OLED display

Author:admin Time:2017-07-25

Generally speaking, it should be the life of the device, which is usually considered as the time when the device is attenuated to half its original brightness
For the life of LED, the brightness drops to half of its original brightness for its lifetime.
For OLED with RGB pixel independent luminescence technology, the lifetime depends mainly on the lifetime of the materials, in which the lifetime of red light emitting small molecules is lowest, while blue and green materials are relatively long!
However, the material will be accompanied by a change in the color of the light, it is estimated that this change in color to a certain extent, but also in the device life...
At the same time, because of the poor oxidation resistance of the ELM layer (emitting layer) of OLED, it is necessary to add the desiccant layer and seal it. It is necessary to consider the life of the sealant and the life of the desiccant layer.

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