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What is OLED? What's the difference between LED and that?

Author:admin Time:2017-07-19

First of all, we understand the principle that the lower screen can display
Why can monitors display various colors? In fact, the use of the human eye RGB photosensitive system. Different colors of light stimulate the currents of the three sensors, which are then restored to color by electrical stimulation.
The display does not emit various wavelengths of light, but can emit red, green and blue three kinds of wavelengths of light, and precise control of the three kinds of light proportion, all colors on the screen by the three light according to different proportion. For the human eye, the human eye uses three red, green and blue sensors to resolve the light,
One of the differences between OLED and LED;
(1) resolution of display screen;
OLED inherits the TFT structure of LCD, and there is no restriction on resolution.
(2) response time of display screen;
The OLED screen inherently has the advantage of fast response times to microsecond, 1 microseconds = millionth of a second, and the LCD can only respond to milliseconds.
(3) contrast of light on display screen;
When the OLED is black, the pixels do not emit light at all, so they can produce extremely strong contrast effects, resulting in extremely high contrast.
(4) visual angle of display screen;
OLED has no visual angle at all.
The difference between OLED and LED is two;
(1) brightness of display screen;
Brightness, a property that is very simple to our intuition, is not easy to understand if you want to parameterize it onto the display panel.

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