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Analysis of the development trend of LED display in 2017

Author:admin Time:2017-07-19

Analysis of the development trend of LED display in 2017
According to Xiao Bian speculated that the 2017 LED display industry will display in the traditional stride forward singing militant songs, many LED display segments will have greater opportunities and achievements.
Now, the small distance LED display industry is explosive growth, and in short supply. Small spacing, LED replacement, DLP and other splicing screen Market in full swing, in this context, many LED display enterprises began to seek business transformation and upgrading.
In addition, some areas of concern in 2016 LED display edge, including smart city, networking, VR/AR applications and so on, intelligent LED display will become a major branch in 2017 the development of the industry, promote win-win cooperation, to achieve the dual goals of market product technology and application development.
LED display will lead the outdoor media market
As the LED display outdoor media market with the packaging technology, A new force suddenly rises., and continue to break the space technology, at present the LED display has been more and more frequently appear in our field of vision, and with its high brightness, wide viewing angle, the screen area of adjustable features, has been gradually replaced the traditional billboard advertising information show single, light boxes, outdoor advertising media become a high-profile new force.
Products show a clear trend from the first tier cities to the two and three tier cities. They are widely used in busy streets, stations, shopping malls, landmark buildings, activity centers and so on. The concern is 2016, small spacing market showing a hot scene, and the outdoor application trend is obvious, with the emerging post screen as an example, through the Internet, and lighting, video monitoring, information system technology combined constitute wisdom street lighting system, as has been the focus of media attention to the wisdom of the city in the construction, you can imagine, with the construction of intelligent transportation system, we will see a set of ads, major events, weather and other travel information system to screen the great convenience of city residents, caused a media revolution in the way of a huge market space.
With the help of stitching and disassembling properties of LED display, LED display called "guerrilla", "lease screen module is characterized by easy to assemble, and can be assembled as display a variety of styles, customized requirements higher, often on the stage, party background display with other effects stage to show shock visual senses, because as a powerful current stage equipment shaping atmosphere, the rapid development of culture, entertainment, sports industry, the rapid development in recent years of lease screen market, but the market performance is confusing product quality flaw, 2016 have been several rental screen collapse accident, exposed the shortcomings of the rental market, but generally speaking, the style of entertainment stimulating the development of the industry, the future development of the market have a brilliant future rental screen with small spacing, LED display popularity, more high-end future rent A screen will be able to meet the higher and more perfect present stage atmosphere.
The main application position as now surface mount LED display products, indoor LED display space development early downward from the main P7, P5, P3, P4 now has become the mainstream of the indoor display, LED display with small spacing and P2.5 following the strong rise in 2016, following a variety of P2 Ultra HD LED display products began to appear in succession, the display has reached 4K, LED screen TV related businesses have begun to put in the high-end market, at the same time, the firm scale expansion lamp beads, future LED display a larger amount of worth looking forward to, the concern is with China's recent major semiconductor chip plant investment and construction, the future will be the core chip technology greatly improved, LED display technology will further break the spacing, LED display more HD is an indisputable reality, due to the decline in prices, the current indoor Commercial and civil market penetration development has been launched, and in AR/VR, naked eye, 3D and other emerging hot technology combined application, with small spacing LED display itself, the market space is huge. Overall, the LED display market with small spacing as a leader will be an important manifestation of the market potential of LED display.
2017 LED display industry leading enterprises will show a big Hengda situation, and the industry to accelerate the reshuffle, integration will also become a trend. LED display industry is still showing a sustained momentum of development, raw material prices and display of product updates, market expansion and enterprise positive response.

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