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The technical principle of _ bonding bonding machine _ bonding machine price

Author:admin Time:2017-07-18

The scope of the bonding machine:
The main use of mobile phone manufacturers is in the range of bonding and touch screen manufacturers, generally used for mass production of touch screen, Ye Jingping manufacturers factory, machine is for a SMT production equipment in use, mainly for FPC, LCD LCD screen, welding hot electronic products of zebra paper.
The technical principle of bonding machine:
wire bonder
It is the use of transformer bonding machine to produce a high current and low voltage, welding head through its rapid heating, will be connected with the body temperature, when the temperature reaches the melting point of the solder, and this is connected between the object and the tin melt together, the general control with closed-loop temperature machine.
The machine features:
(1) machine can be divided into pulse or constant temperature type, its heating rate decided by product type;
(2) the welding head bonding machine accessories materials to ensure product, average pressure;
(3) Regulation of bonding alignment system is simple and convenient, the device itself has the function of vacuum;
(4) do not get pulse or constant temperature type of equipment, its temperature can be numerically controlled, precise and precise;
(5) the equipment has digital pressure gauge, can monitor and adjust the pressure range at any time;
The price of the machine:
The price according to the customer needs machine configuration and accessories with different demand, price can consult the following contact; or leave a message on the official website page message, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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