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European ACF bonding machine, FOG/FPC machine equipment introduction

Author:admin Time:2017-07-18

ACF machine introduction:
ACF machine is also called ACF attaching machine or ACF paste machine, it is to ACF paste in LCD device on Panel. The working process including ACF, LCD liquid crystal glass plate placed place vacuum table, cut ACF belt, LCD, hot paste, negative pressure adsorption stripping ACF belt, strap, tape etc.. It is one of the major and key equipment in the front end of the bonding equipment of LCD industry.
ACF machine
(Figure ACF machine)
ACF machine features:
(1) ACF machine by Matsushita PLC control system, simple operation;
(2) the width of the ACF belt can be adjusted at any time;
(3) adopt constant temperature heating system;
(4) man-machine interface is simple and easy to understand;
(5) imported electrical equipment;
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