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Trouble shooting and solving method of pulse compressor

Author:admin Time:2017-07-17

As long as the equipment has its shelf life, has been in operation, there will always be some common problems and faults, some common fault please maintain it is the first time the second point support, maintenance cost is not low. This section of the European Union will introduce to you, if there are some common faults, how to solve, common failures occur, you can immediately solve the problem.
Common problems and solutions of pulse compressor (following six common troubles):
Question 1: why does the head of the pulse compressor stop heating up?
Solution: (1) first check the screw knife head has been locked dead matter, cutter head all fastening screws.
(2) the temperature setting of the temperature control meter is normal. Is it too low to adjust the temperature to moderate temperature?.
Question 2: automatic and manual press head without press
Solution: (1) check whether the air compressor has air pressure, turn on the air compressor switch, and ensure the air pressure is sufficient.
(2) check whether the pressure value of the filter on the left side of the pulse pressure setting machine is too low, and adjust the filter pressure regulating valve to ensure the adequate intake of the machine.
(3) check whether the pressure gauge of the machine is too low and adjust the precise pressure regulating valve.
(4) whether the stop button is pressed or not.
(5) to see if the automatic manual switch is automatic, and if no, it will be automatic / manual to automatic.
Question 3: pulse pressure row machine tray suction is not enough, can not hold the screen
Solution: (1) first check if the screen is covered by the suction hole, and use the screen or other card to cover all the suction holes.
(2) whether the back of the tray or screen is clean or not, clean the tray or the back of the screen.
(3) remove the suction pipe, check whether there is suction, no suction contact manufacturers, may vacuum emitters blocked or tracheal obstruction.
Question 4: the screen doesn't show up
Solution: (1) a single screen does not display replug the power supply, to ensure the normal power line contact is good.
(2) if the two screens are not displayed, the multimeter detects whether the screen power interface has an 12V voltage, if not, a built-in 12V power failure or line fault.
Problem 5: the pulse pressure regulator has no signal on the display
Solution: (1) bad signal line contact, re plug the signal line.
(2) the screen signal source parameter is wrong, adjust the button of the screen signal source and switch to the BNC signal.
Question 6: Quartz strip built-in light is not bright
Solution: (1) pulse pressure setting machine, quartz strip, built-in light switch, poor contact, detect quartz strip built-in light switch.
(2) LED lamp malfunction, replace LED lamp.
The above 6 fault problems are common, check the next pulse stamping machine can solve the problem, if it is some other problems, you can consult the vendors to sell equipment to help solve.

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