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The composition and structure of the press and the function of the press setting machine

Author:admin Time:2017-07-17

Pressure machine is wide, generally as manufacturers of mobile phone screen is one of the devices, the mobile phone industry on maintenance, pressure machine is essential equipment. In the market, the price of pressing machines varies from place to place, which makes many buyers unable to start. Do not know what style suits oneself, what style is more practical, what style is easy to operate, the quality is better, the product that presses out is better. (below this is the mid size, single sided, multi segment COG press of the European Union)
Press setting machine
Composition structure of press setting machine:
The structure of the press arrangement is mainly divided into the following parts;
Knife head heating mechanism
Amplifiers and CCD lenses
Cutter head movement mechanism
Tool head temperature control unit
Liquid crystal glass fixing mechanism
Mobile phone wire arranging fixing mechanism
Action controller
Liquid crystal display
Classification of pressing machines:
Due to the different heating methods, the press can be divided into constant temperature press discharging machine and pulse pressing machine. The difference between the two is the temperature of the tool head.
Pulse pressure setting machine:
Compared with the constant temperature pulse, the heating rate is fast, and when the cutter head presses toward the cable, the temperature of the pulse can be instantly raised from 200 to above the normal temperature. The conductive adhesive on the ACF has conductive particles, which need to be under high temperature to make it blasting and transfer the connection between the cable and the liquid crystal. So, in operation, there is a suction system fixed LCD, up and down four amplifiers, always concerned about the cable situation. Therefore, relatively speaking, the pulse punching machine is easy to operate and easy to understand, and the efficiency is higher than the constant temperature.
Two 、 constant temperature press discharging machine:
Constant temperature heating material, no pulse pressure setting machine, good quality. The use of constant temperature, is in need of technical conditions mature, can precisely control the temperature, improve the yield in order to let out a little pressure line, different mobile phone models, parameters corresponding to the re set, this has increased the workload and time delay; and the pulse discharging machine, as long as simple operation and attention to detail, will reach more than nine layers of cable extrusion high yield. And the parameters of the pulse punching machine are universal, and all the cables of the mobile phone can be pressed.
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