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COG pre press what to do, _COG pre press price, _COG pre press which good?

Author:admin Time:2017-07-12

COG pre press is mainly used for IC is bound to have been attached to ACF LCD, COG would like to know the pre press and the purchase of COG pre press to the league, Europa League professional R & D and production of LCM/TP module automation equipment, 9 years experience in equipment, including the church, equipment warranty.
COG pre press
Introduction of parameters of COG pre press:
Size range 1~7"
Adhesion accuracy + 2.5 m
IC size L:2~40mm, W:0.8~3mm
Attached number 1
Capacity 650pcs/H
Power single phase 220V, power 1000W
Outline dimensions W:850, D:600, H:1370
COG pre press product characteristics:
The equipment is suitable for flexible production of many varieties and small quantities
This equipment adopts constant temperature heating system, Panasonic PLC control system
The visual system of the equipment adopts the vision processing system
The electrical configuration of the equipment is imported
This equipment CCD uses the original Japanese high precision CCD automatic contraposition system

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