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Introduction of OCA laminating machine

Author:admin Time:2017-07-12

Introduction of OCA laminating machine:
The Europa League OCA laminating machine acts on the automatic bonding process of OCA glue and glass or PET, and is widely used.
OCA laminating machine is also called vacuum laminating machine or touch screen laminating machine. It is one of the industrial automation products controlled by PLC or single chip computer. It acts as one of the equipments used in mobile phone screen bonding.
Principle of OCA laminating machine:
The mobile phone LCD screen and the glass cover plate are placed in the vacuum chamber of the vacuum environment, and the inner mould of the vacuum cylinder is lowered by the cylinder pressure of the machine, and the glass cover plate and the liquid crystal screen of the lower die of the vacuum cylinder are completely pressed together. In order to complete the mobile phone screen maintenance of the key process, that is, "OCA" bonding process".
Features of OCA laminating machine:
(1) man-machine interface, LCD interface is easy to learn.
(2) OCA laminating machine can set up password protection to protect the safety of the machine itself.
(3) comes with electrostatic elimination system.
(4) standard configuration of fittings selection.
(6) pneumatic components are imported and prepared.
OCA laminating machine as a mobile phone screen bonding equipment, the use of a wide range.

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