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What does the ACF attach machine do? What's the price of the ACF attaching machine?

Author:admin Time:2017-07-11

The ACF attaching machine can be used to pre paste various widths of ACF on TP, LCD or PCB, and can be used in the production of TAB, COG LCD modules or high-density FPC and PCB connections.
The ACF attachment equipment of the European Union can mainly be divided into two kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic, and semi automatic is required to be done manually, while the automatic process is basically completed by the equipment. And ACF attachment machine can be divided into single and multi section, in principle, there is no difference, only the output difference.
Semi automatic ACF attachment equipment usually needs pre press machine and press equipment to complete the attachment.
Fully automatic ACF attachment equipment is from pre - paste to all the pressure centralized integration, equipment capacity, with the performance of materials and the number of pressure head accessories.
12 inch ACF attaching machine
Features of the European Union ACF attaching machine:
(1) adopt PLC control system. Constant temperature heating method, double layer heat insulation device, adopt high precision temperature control system, accurate temperature control.
(2) 4.2 "color touch screen, LCD display input, Chinese menu, all parameters settings, browsing concise and intuitive.
(3) with a slide type press stick cylinder, it can adjust the level of the head and ensure the parallel precision of the press sticking.
(4) the ACF is transmitted by stepping motor, and the feeding length is controlled accurately
(5) the important accessories of this machine are imported electrical fittings, man-machine interface, flexible and elegant, beautiful and economical
The ACF attaching machine is the 12 inch ACF attaching machine used in the ACF attachment of FPC. This equipment is suitable for the hot pressing attachment of 1 inch to 9 inch products.
Specific device parameters, as well as the price of the ACF attached machine, you can contact the following customer service, or click on the site within the online consultation.
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