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FPC pulse hot press and PCB version of the principle of hot pressing equipment

Author:admin Time:2017-07-11

The following Europa League introduces the principle, function and characteristics of FPC pulse hot press. (shown below is the three station turntable pulse heat press)
Three station rotary table pulse hot press
Heating mode of FPC pulse hot press:
(1) the heating mode of pulse power supply is the method of heating and welding the Joule heat produced by the pulse current flowing through the high resistance materials such as molybdenum and titanium. In general, a hot spot is connected at the front end of the heating nozzle, and the power generated by the utility model can be fed back to the control power supply in real time to ensure the correctness of the setting temperature.
(2) the pulse current hot pressing equipment of the European Union is an instantaneous heating mode, which conducts heating only when molten solder is needed.
Two, FPC pulse hot press advantages:
The metal welding tip has melted the solder when the current passes through it. After soldering, the solder is stopped and cooled. The pressure until the solder solidification, can weld high reliability without weld, float by.
(1) machine operation can improve welding efficiency and reduce half of welding operator;
(2) good welding consistency;
(3) no short circuit, AC, no welding float
Characteristics of three and FPC pulse hot press:
(1) adopt advanced stage control temperature control system, which can flexibly set the heating status of each section. The temperature, time and other parameters can be controlled with high precision.
(2) the temperature rise is fast and stable, and the local instantaneous heating mode can suppress the thermal influence on the surrounding components.
(3) when the pressure of electric heating and cooling off at the same time, to prevent the combination of floating,. The utility model is suitable for hot welding, soldering and resin bonding of flexible materials and wires.
(4) show the temperature of each stage.
(5) the closed-loop on-line feedback control of thermocouple can improve the accuracy of temperature, and the temperature control accuracy is about 3%.
(6) welding pressure, welding time and welding temperature can be adjusted precisely.
(7) 20 sets of welding parameters can be stored, so it is very convenient to replace the product.
(8) many solder joints are completed at one time, with high efficiency, good consistency, high welding strength, beautiful solder joint and easy operation.
(9) 100 thousand welding head life, creating value for your customers. Especially suitable for FPC TO / PCB HSC TO FPC (zebra) (FPC) / HSC TO LCD /TAB TO PCB welding zebra TAB products
Four, FPC pulse hot press range of action:
(1) thermal bonding, soldering and soldering of flexible circuit boards in LCD, PDP, mobile phones and other electronic products.
(2) HDD, coil, capacitor, motor, sensor and other enameled wire welding.
(3) welding of wires and connecting ports in computers and other communication machines.
(4) soldering soldering of CMOS, CCD and FPC boards for digital cameras, mobile phones, etc..
(5) bonding of resins of relays, printers, small cameras, etc..
(6) the bonding of gold wires in microwave devices.
(7) laser head welding soldering with FPC

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