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Hot press equipment FOG hot press knowledge and introduction

Author:admin Time:2017-07-10

European hot pressing equipment FOG hot press molding is attached good conductive film (ACF) and connect FPC para Bonding equipment for Panel, Panel, para fetching is done manually, Bonding is the device automatically, the device is suitable for 1.0-7 inch high density FPC/FFC and PCB welding process.
Hot press equipment FOG hot press
The official ACF language introduced above is called "anisotropic conductive adhesive film". The English name is "Anisotropic Conductive Film""
1. ACF (anisotropic conductive adhesive film):
(1) the characteristic of ACF is that the electrical conduction direction of the Z axis is obviously different from that of the XY insulation plane. When the difference between the Z axis on resistance and the XY plane insulation resistance exceeds a certain value, it can be called a good conductivity anisotropy.
(2) ACF uses conductive particles to connect the electrodes between the IC chip and the substrate to make it turn-on, while avoiding the short circuit between two adjacent electrodes to achieve the purpose of conducting only in the Z axis direction.
(3) ACF can be divided into an anisotropic conductive paste and an anisotropic conductive film. ACF (anisotropic conductive film) has the characteristics of continuous processing of very low material loss, so it has become a more popular form of products.
Two, ACF main ingredients: mainly including resin adhesive, conductive particles two parts. Resin adhesive function in addition to moisture, heat insulation function and then, mainly for the relative position of the fixed IC chip and the substrate electrode, and a compression force has maintained contact area between electrode and conductive particles.
General resin is divided into thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin two major categories. The thermoplastic material has low temperature and fast assembly easy rework advantages, but also has high thermal expansion and high hygroscopicity shortcomings, so that it is in high temperature easy deterioration, unable to meet the demand of reliability and reliability. The thermosetting resins such as epoxy resin (Epoxy), Polyimide, has high temperature stability and good thermal resistance and low moisture absorption, but the processing temperature is high and not easy to heavy for its shortcomings, but its advantages of high reliability, is still the most widely used materials at present.
In conductive particles, the anisotropic conductivity depends mainly on the filling rate of the conductive particles. Although the conductivity of the anisotropic conductive adhesive increases with the increase of the filling rate of the conductive particles, it also increases the probability that the conductive particles contact each other and cause short circuit.
For the time being, the ACF material is widely used in liquid crystal displays, IC and LCD connections, and is the key material for lateral insulation and longitudinal conduction.

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