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Introduction of European Union rework type hot press equipment

Author:admin Time:2017-07-10

The principle of European hot pressing equipment is through the ACF class repair paste, and ordered ACF conductive particles blasting under certain temperature and pressure and time and make ACF glue curing, so as to achieve the LCD glass or PCB with a flexible circuit board (FPC) mechanical connection and electrical conduction.
Repair type FOG hot pressing equipment
Range of action:
Home appliance repair market, LCD panel manufacturers, LCD maintenance professional market; FPC/TAB/COF caused by bright line, bright band, dark band, black screen, white screen, flower screen and other fault repair.
Technical principle: (its technical principle is mainly divided into the following 6 parts)
(1) heating mode:
Heating methods are generally divided into constant heating and pulse heating two. The constant temperature heating method has the advantages of simple structure and convenient control, and is used for controlling the low temperature and the special temperature control curve is not required. The structure of the pulse heating mode is complex, and the temperature and time control curve can be realized according to the user's requirement.
(2) power factor:
Pulse heating is overall inductive load, is the use of large current transformer output and load resistance (by hot head) the surface of the heating unit time, heating to the same temperature, the greater the need of current proven effective power of the lower interference on the power grid is also bigger, unstable factors will increase, only to meet ACF the hot pressing of the theoretical value shall not exceed 1000W.
(3) temperature characteristics:
Temperature rise curve must be adjustable, and the peak temperature drift is not more than 0.5 degrees, the impact of ACF glue curing factors are mainly two: one is the initial heating rate; two is the peak temperature. The heating rate determines the surface quality after curing, and the peak temperature determines the bonding strength and hot pressing quality after curing, the pulse hot head most of the titanium alloy materials, with a large current through the titanium alloy on the surface of the heating, the metal compound purity and processing and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the heating surface and cross sectional area of resistance completely the temperature drift, repeatedly will appear with a hot surface and generates a plurality of different temperature, empty solder welding, the surface is uneven, seriously affect the quality of products, it is necessary to ensure the peak temperature as a constant at a predetermined temperature, using its thermal conductivity of metal, the heating surface temperature is nearly constant.
(4) the ratio of hot pressing to deviation:
The FPC electrode and the ITO electrode pressure deviation precision, usually at a certain resolution screen drive the fewer the electrode width and spacing is smaller, the LCD screen is more and more high resolution of the electrode width is 10UM or smaller, repeated pressure accuracy requirements of equipment shall not be maximum + / -5UM. These factors include thermal head balance, flatness and temperature stability, as well as the stability of the output components, including the cylinder, the rail and the structure of the machine.
(5) output stability:
At a certain temperature, pressure and time of ACF conductive particles blasting and cured at a given temperature and time, the cylinder cylinder output is particularly important, unstable quality will be air welding and many other factors of instability! The rate of rework has also risen.
(6) counterpoint system:
The accurate alignment through the pins of FPC and LCD digital microscope image system, the screen type variety, ITO electrode width of different sizes to meet different requirements, microscope electrode width, adjustable magnification, position clear image, and the lens position is adjustable, stable structure, no jitter, precise position deviation.

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