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Introduction and features of the European Union ACF attaching machine

Author:admin Time:2017-07-08

European ACF tacking machine is divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic three, hand motivation manually, semi automatic equipment can be completed by manual equipment, automatic basically can be attached to the process completed by the device itself. The manual attachment of the ACF attaching machine is basically eliminated, so it is basically semi-automatic and fully automatic two.
ACF attaching machine
I. The principle and function of ACF sticking machine:
ACF attachment machine can be summarized as simple (ACF glue) and soft and hard PCB substrate attached.
Two, ACF attaching machine classification introduction:
(1) semi-automatic ACF binding machine:
Semi automatic ACF attachment equipment, usually with pre binding machine, alignment equipment and pressure equipment. Usually, the semi automatic ACF binding machine of the European Union can be completed as long as the pre press machine and the press can be completed.
(2) automatic ACF attaching machine:
Fully automatic ACF attaching machine equipment, from pre attached to all the integration of this pressure. The capacity of the equipment depends on the performance of the ACF material and the number of hot pressing heads. Therefore, ACF attaching machine is divided into single segment ACF sticking machine and multi section ACF sticking machine.
Three, ACF paste machine use:
The ACF binding machine can be used to pre attach various widths of ACF on TP, LCD or PCB, which can be used in the production of TAB, COG LCD modules or high-density FPC and PCB connections.
Four, ACF attached machine features:
(1) the ACF attaching machine of the European Union. It adopts the Panasonic PLC control system, the constant temperature heating method, the double layer heat insulation device, adopts the high precision temperature control system, can make the temperature accurately control.
(2) the use of color touch screen LCD display input, Chinese and English menu, all parameters settings, browsing concise and intuitive, simple and direct operation, easy to understand.
(3) the European Union equipment comes with a slide type press sticking cylinder, which can adjust the level of the head freely, and ensure the parallel precision of the press sticking.
(4) the ACF is conveyed by stepping motor, and the feeding length is controlled accurately.
(5) the electrical preparation of the equipment is made of imported material

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