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The classification, advantages and knowledge of pulse hot press

Author:admin Time:2017-07-08

Principle of pulse hot press:
A low voltage high current is generated by the transformer, which is rapidly heated by a welding head of the hot press. Pulse current means that the greater the pulse ratio, the greater the current output, the faster the welding head. The pulse hot press places the workpiece in the fixture. The fixture is sent to the welding head, according to the start button, the welding head pressing a workpiece (heating), the temperature rises rapidly and accurately according to the input parameters of constant temperature, up to 4 temperature zones (the solder reflow), blowing cooling (solder solidification), welding head up (complete).
Classification of pulse hot press:
A pulse hot press is loaded with a certain pulse voltage on a hot pressing head. When the temperature rises to the point where the temperature is set, the hot spot heats up and melts the tin together and connects it. General pulse hot press using temperature closed loop control.
The pulse heat press in the Europa League can be divided into:
1) turntable pulse hot press
2) up and down contraposition platform, front and back pulse hot press
3) single station FOG hot press
Two 、 pulse hot press action:
Pulse hot press can be used in the following production process:
(1) USB line welding and flexible cable;
(2) FFC welding with flexible circuit board FPC or rigid circuit board PCB;
(3) welding between TCP and circuit board PCB or flexible circuit board FPC;
(4) soldering between flexible circuit board FPC and circuit board PCB.
Three. Advantages of pulse hot press:
European hot pressing machine which is mainly used to use pulse normal SMT welding device not in welding operation + reflow oven, and the use of iron welding to welding appearance inconsistent, uneven, prone to weld and weld bad products. While the pulse hot press is different from the constant temperature soldering iron, pulse hot press in transient current can reach the desired temperature, and once the welding ends without voltage, instantly reach room temperature; and the welding head is smooth, so the smooth appearance of welding, rare adverse weld.

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