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The main structure of the internal circuit of LCD

Author:admin Time:2017-07-07

The principle of liquid crystal and its function is the liquid crystal placed between two electrodes, electricity, liquid crystal molecular arrangement will change in the electrode is energized, the light path to change the transmission of light to achieve control of the image. The internal structure of liquid crystal display is mainly divided into the following parts:
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A main board:
Used to receive and process analog or digital video signals sent from outside, and then send signals through the screen line to control the LCD screen to work properly. The driver board contains the MCU unit, which is the detection control center and the brain of the liquid crystal display.
Power supply board:
Used to convert 90 to 240V AC voltage into 12V, 5V, 3V and other DC power supply monitors.
High pressure plate:
Used to convert the DC voltage of the 12V output from the motherboard or the power panel to the high frequency alternating current of 1500 to 1800V required for PANEL, which is used to light the PANEL backlight. The power panel and the backlight board sometimes do together, that is, the so-called power backlight combo board.
LCD screen:
The liquid crystal display module is the core component of the liquid crystal display, and comprises a liquid crystal board and a driving circuit.
Among them, the LCD screen is the most important component in the LCD, and the LCD screen can determine the performance and price of lcd.

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