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Equipment and introduction of LCD screen maintenance

Author:admin Time:2017-07-07

Faults that require specialized equipment repair include: TAB failures and PCB board failures. For TAB failures, equipment used in large maintenance plants and LCD assembly plants includes several of the devices described below:
COG machine: below COG machine > < Europa
COG machine
COG machine is the precise positioning of IC chip in LCD on glass and bonding device. COG machine is the key equipment used in the production of COG products in the LCD industry. Used to exact IC to LCD on pre - pasted ACF. Semi automatic COG machine and COG machine manual two.
ACF pre press machine: < below is ACF pre binding machine >
ACF pre press machine
The ACF attaching machine is used to pre paste various widths of ACF on TP, LCD or PCB, which are used in the production of TAB, COG LCD modules or high-density FPC and PCB connections. Attach ACF to LCD accurately. Apply to COG, TAB, TCP and other all pre ACF product production needs.
FPC hot press: < below is the Europa League FPC hot press >
FPC hot press
FPC hot press can be applied to all kinds of TAB, TCP contraposition crimping and zebra paper and LCD, PCB contraposition crimping.
COG tester:
The COG tester can be used for COG electrical detection, can detect LCD short circuit, open circuit, bright spot, dead, also can detect the current size.
Since TAB and some PCB failures require the repair of specialized equipment, a complete set of TAB hot repair and inspection equipment requires a relatively high price and is not suitable for the needs of small maintenance companies.

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