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A brief introduction to FOG's knowledge of process manufacturing

Author:admin Time:2017-07-06

The EU FOG bonding process, this device is universal, automatic fog bonding machine, which can be used for unilateral multi section on LCD ACF attached production fog automatic bonding machine, can also carry out multilateral multi segment production; production can also specify the location of the unilateral multi segment.
1, FOG hot press process quality standard:
The offset ratio of the contraposition shall not exceed 25%, and the calculated method shall be based on the percentage of the wider line of the smaller line. The ITO line requires as little ACF particle fracturing as possible.
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2. FOG requirements for hot pressing length:
The effective width of hot pressing above 1mm is required. However, because some ITO designs do not meet this requirement, it is possible to extend the hot pressing length while designing the FPC, but you need to make sure that the distance between the top of the FPC gold finger and the ITO corner is 0.15mm.
(1) using ACF hot pressing product tension test should reach more than 600gf/cm
(2) the area of the bubble on each line shall not exceed 30% of the total area of the line
(3) the diameter of the bubble shall not exceed 0.5mm.
(4) ACF length, right, left and top beyond FPC distance should be controlled within 0.5mm.
(5) ACF can not be clearly skewed.
3, first inspection and spot check
(1) definition of hot pressing first inspection and random sampling;
(2) the hot pressing parameters: pressure and time must be clearly understood before the first test and sampling
A. every shift to work (each machine) B., each turn machine, C. machine failure, debugging and maintenance
4, the first inspection and sampling content
(1) check whether the setting of time is within the specification range of required hot pressing parameters
(2) test actual pressure;
(3) thermocouple thermometer is used to test whether the hot pressing temperature conforms to the temperature specification of ACF
(4) the use of level test and bench level hot head test. (the first inspection, sampling is not required)
(5) function test, test the product function on the rack, compare the word drawing or standard template to check whether the product is normal or not
(6) to check the alignment, observe the alignment of FPC fine finger and ITO line under the microscope, and measure the size of the deviation
(7) the hot pressing effect of ACF particles was examined under a metallographic microscope. The minimum number of effective ACF particles on the line was recorded
5, hot head width selection rules
(1) 1.0~1.2mm width of hot head is used when the width of hot pressing is =<1.3mm.
(2) when the width of hot pressing is 1.3~1.6mm, the 1.5mm width hot head is used.
(3) 1.8~2.0mm width and hot head are used when the width of hot pressing is 1.6mm~2.2mm
(4) hot pressing head should keep the distance about 0.2mm away from the glass edge. It can not be pressed to the edge of glass
(5) the hot pressing head should keep the distance above 0.5mm at the edge of IC.
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