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COG understanding and application of PLC in this press

Author:admin Time:2017-07-06

Brief introduction of COG press in Europa league:
Double pressure head under constant temperature hot pressing machine, used in TAB, COG LCD module production, high density FPC and PCB connection, FPC connection and FPC camera connected to the FPC, this device can make a variety of products with more accurate and efficient, the machine has high efficiency and degree of automation, simple operation, automatic feeding, pressure with continuous composite motion by manual, complete the whole machine operation, only one person can, in improving product quality and labor intensity, reduce labor costs and get rid of the excessive dependence on staff proficiency. The equipment is mainly composed of PLC, precision guide rail, precision cylinder, press fit mechanism and man-machine interface. It has been widely used in flat panel display industry.
Product advantage:
1. 、 MITSUBISHI PLC control, touch screen, man-machine interface, parameter setting, browsing concise and intuitive, the operation is very simple and convenient.
2. high precision cylinder drive press fit, the pressure can be adjusted as required.
3. high precision constant temperature control system to ensure the stable temperature of the press.
The 4. module adopts the right angle edge positioning vacuum adsorption, and the operation is simple and convenient.
5., the overall structure of the machine user-friendly, easy to operate, safe operation, handsome appearance.
COG press
Commissioning plant in Europa
The control flow of the press:
The running module of the equipment is divided into two parts, from top to bottom: pressing head, winding glue and platform. The gum is attached to the constant speed motor, and the movement of the platform and the head is driven by the cylinder. The two parts operate independently and without interference.
Operation process: the platform to run to the specified location after the head moves downwards under pressure, the number of the set, roll motor starting, roll to set the length after the motor stops, after setting the crimping time, head up, platform moves outward to the designated point. This series of actions include power on the device, emergency stop, return to the origin, CCD display, switching, etc., mainly controlled by LXPLC.
The equipment is located in the upper right corner of the weikong interface can set the parameters such as pressure, time interval, roll roll length, display and alarm information, equipment in two operation modes: manual mode, test mode is also in touch screen operation.

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