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The basic problems that may occur in everyday capacitive touch screens and their considerations

Author:admin Time:2017-07-05

Capacitive touch screen, the current technology is to use the body's current sensing work.
The capacitive touch screen is a four layer composite glass screen, glass screen of the inner surface of the sandwich and coated with a layer of ITO, the outer layer is a thin layer of silica glass protective layer, laminated ITO coating as a face, on the four corners leads to the four electrodes, the inner shield for the ITO to ensure a good job for the environment.
In order to realize the multi touch capacitive screen, is on the increase of mutual capacitance electrode, simply, is the screen block, in every area set up a group of mutual capacitance module is independent, so it can be independently detected by capacitive screen touch the region, after processing, simple to achieve multi touch. (shown below is the new European COG pre press equipment)
New COG pre press equipment
First, the operating system and touch points
The operating system can realize multi touch WIN 7, WIN8, Android, touch index depends on the IC touch touch screen, such as two kinds of touch IC with our SIS program, most can achieve 10 finger touch, EETI scheme can achieve up to 10 finger touch. Other operating systems such as XP, Linux, Win, CE, and so on, because of the limitations of the operating system itself, can only achieve single finger touch.
Two, each operating system drive
For the time being, the drive free operating systems are WIN7 and WIN8, plug and play, and other operating systems need to install drivers. Drive is roughly divided into two categories, one is the.Exe executable program, you can double-click on the installation of the driver file, this driver applies to the XP operating system. The other is to modify and load from the bottom of the system...... Drive code files, for Win, CE, Linux, Android operating systems, installation is relatively complex.
Considerations for using capacitive touch screens:
1, due to the capacitance by detecting change of touch screen surface capacitance signal to achieve the touch function, are susceptible to external electromagnetic interference environment, so should try to make the capacitance screen away from sources of interference, and the main source of interference from the LCD screen and the power supply. When installing, it is recommended that large capacitive screen and LCD screen hold more than 1.5MM spacing, the power is also recommended as far as possible to select a better quality power supply to prevent interference signal is too strong and can not touch properly.
When single TP is tested. Please insulation under the TP pad (such as foam) test, and the testing process of mobile TP or FPC plug after re plug a USB line, in order to ensure the normal touch.
2, the operation is not standardized cause TP damage, because on the back of the TP line is directly exposed to the outside, is vulnerable to hard damage, so the TP please handle with care. In addition, FPC is also a fragile part, the strength should be soft when turning, and avoid the occurrence of death fold. ;
3, touch effect is not ideal. For the first time to send out the samples sometimes touch effect is not ideal, such as jumping point, line, slow response and other phenomena, please do not worry, because the sample is just for a single TP debugging environment, and the differences may be relatively large, in view of the need to optimize.

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