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What's the function of capacitive touch screen? Its advantages and disadvantages

Author:admin Time:2017-07-05

Capacitance type touch screen allows us to play mobile phone or tablet computer access to a larger degree of user experience, compared to the resistance screen must rely on the pressure sensitive touch, capacitance type touch screen that is a big leap in the touch screen industry. Perhaps we can not experience the difference in the role of capacitive screen, the European Union specially prepared capacitive touch screen related knowledge, to the knowledge of capacitive screen literacy.
Capacitive touch screen action:
Capacitive touch screen technology is the use of the body's current sensing work. The capacitive touch screen is a four layer composite glass screen, glass screen of the inner surface of the sandwich and coated with a layer of ITO, the outer layer is a thin layer of silica glass protective layer, laminated ITO coating as a face, on the four corners leads to the four electrodes, the inner shield for the ITO to ensure a good job for the environment.
Capacitive touch screen touch characteristics:
The resistive screen used in the past was pressure sensing. It is better to operate with sharp objects, such as pens and fingernails. With finger operation, contact area is big, you need very hard, or with nail operations, inconvenient. The capacitor screen uses a conductor like the finger to form a capacitor with the screen. Touch does not require pressure, and fingers touch the screen as long as they respond. Feel easy to operate.
New high-speed COG equipment
The picture shows the European Union's new high-speed COG equipment
Disadvantages and advantages of capacitive touch screen:
1. Use a conductor such as finger to form a capacitor with a screen.
2, touch does not require any pressure, fingers touch the screen as long as there is response.
3, feel easy to operate.
1, easy to exist some color distortion
2, easy to cause capacitive screen misoperation
3 、 do not touch with fingernail touch or insulator
4, easily affected by temperature drift
Application of capacitive touch screen with multi touch:
Multi touch is a very useful and interesting thing: when you browse a web page, you have to zoom in on some areas to see it clearly. It's also very useful when looking at pictures. Of course, without this function, human beings are also the same to adapt to and achieve their own goals, such as no touch function of the same mobile phone, or access to the Internet, of course, simplicity and comfort is not the same. With multi touch technology, how can you extend it indefinitely?. Programmers can apply multi touch in many ways, to some extent, to change or to create new ways of doing things. The typical application is to play the piano on hard glass. Another classic example is the PS simulator on Apple's mobile phone, which combines simultaneous key and other buttons at the same time by using multi touch technology.
The difference between capacitive touch screen and resistive screen:
First, from a technical standpoint, using the capacitance screen technology than resistive screen late. Capacitive screen technology is relatively high-end.
Secondly, from the mode of operation there are some differences between them, the body is capacitive screen touch operation, do not need to press.
The hardness of the surface. Because the surface of the resistance screen to be bent induction, hardness is low, that is painted to have a soft feeling. The outer surface of the capacitor screen is the glass lining, which is smooth and hard.
Then, the surface scratches. In fact, for high-quality capacitive screen, the film just to prevent fingerprints printed on it, and also can not use the film. But resistive screen usually to foil protection, because its screen is relatively fragile, not film protection, easy to break, it is easy to scratch too much.
The response speed. The high-end capacitive panel responds very quickly to only a few milliseconds.
6, multi point control, multi point control is basically a capacitive screen.
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