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Three methods for detecting and operating display LCD settings

Author:admin Time:2017-07-04

Set up the screen, and check whether the screen LCD is normal 3 settings;
The LED display settings are as follows:
First, set the screen parameter in the LED display setting
For the first time, the LED control card is used. The customer will use the "LED screen control software" to set up the RS232 cross serial port; the notebook should use USB to turn the 232 connection line.
After the software is running, it will automatically "find the display", and if repeatedly failed to find automatically, please check whether the serial cable "cross cable", whether it is inserted, the control card is working properly.
Note: do not plug the serial line in the state of power on. Please turn off the power before inserting the line.
The control card password is "168", and the screen screen parameter is set correctly. After successful, the screen shows "no information at the moment"".
For example: if it is outdoor P10 single red screen, the interface is 12 interface:
The display parameters are: data polarity: low OE polarity: high scan mode: 1/4 scan, default 4.1 scan mode
The following picture shows the Europa League FOG standard aircraft
FOG standard machine
Second 、 edit the program on the LED display control software
After the screen is set, you can click on the toolbar icon to add the program directly.
Such as:
1) subtitle programs
In hypertext RTF file programs, the RTF hypertext can set fonts, sizes, different colors for each character, and can maintain the hypertext files of the program individually so that they can be used later. You can enter all the language languages supported by the windows system (such as Han Wen, Arabic, etc.), and each text in the hypertext can be individually set in colors, sizes, and fonts. In column with the @ font font font display screen can set the antithetical couplet.
2) time programs, digital real-time clock (a variety of commonly used mode optional).
3) countdown program, the maximum time is 9999 days.
4) picture programs, support BMP, JPEG and other picture formats.
5) form programs, support spreadsheets.
6) animation programs, support GIF and other formats.
7) temperature and humidity program, support temperature and humidity function.
6) text programs, support input, simplified, traditional, English and many other fonts.
Third 、 send the program in the LED display control software
When the added programs are edited, click "full hair", and when the transmission is successful, the display will show the program.

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