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European Union hard on the rigid OCA laminating machine parameters

Author:admin Time:2017-07-03

Europa League OCA laminating machine is commonly used in the LCD screen, touch screen and other laminating equipment, as one of the special maintenance screen equipment.
Features of hard to hard OCA laminating machine:
OCA laminating machine
The picture shows the Europa League OCA laminating machine
1, the traditional hard control scheme of OCA machine is hard to drive the reeling shaft using a large motor, retractable reel with magnetic powder clutch, by adjusting current of magnetic clutch to control the resistance, to control the material surface tension.
2, magnetic powder clutch and brake is a kind of special automation equipment, it is filled in the gap of the torque transmission through the magnetic, magnetic state change of magnetic current can change the magnetic powder, and then adjust the torque.
3, OCA hard on the hard laminating machine slitting machine, the main feature is magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device, through the system control to output a direct current voltage, control magnetic powder clutch produced resistance.
Application of hard to hard OCA laminating machine:
1. It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed. It is suitable for high speed fine adjustment and medium and small power speed regulation system.
2. Also used to adjust the torque by adjusting current to ensure the tension in the winding process to maintain constant unwinding or rewinding tension control system.
The advantages of hard and rigid OCA laminator: it is a passive device, which can control smaller tension.
Hard to hard OCA laminating machine shortcomings: speed can not be high, easy to cause high-speed magnetic particle friction, resulting in high temperature, resulting in magnetic powder clutch heating, thereby shortening its life.
Hard to hard OCA machine tool with the coil width of longitudinal section cut, cut into the device for a number of narrow segments. After the utility model is arranged on a rolling mill or an extruder, a glue spreading machine, etc., the continuous cutting can be completed, and the winding device is often provided. Slitting knife knife and circular knife available flat sheet.

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