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Detailed description of the European Union under the touch-screen technology principles

Author:admin Time:2017-07-01

Touch screen doesn't work, we all use it. It's the biggest attraction of touch screen, which can't compare with keyboard or mouse. To meet the use of all, marking the arrival of the era of computer applications truly coming. This is also why we develop touch-screen, develop KIOSK, develop KIOSK network, and try to form the Chinese touch industry.
65 inch pulse machine
The picture shows the European Union 65 inch pulse machine
From the perspective of technology principle, the touch screen is a transparent absolute positioning system, firstly, it must ensure that is transparent, so it must be to solve the problem through the transparent material technology, such as digital instrument, writing board, elevator switch, they are not the touch screen; secondly it is the absolute coordinates, which is what his fingers second, do not need action, unlike the mouse, is a system of relative positioning, we can note that the touch screen software does not need to have the cursor, the cursor actually affect the user's attention, because the cursor is for relative positioning device, relative positioning equipment to move to a place where we need to know now where the direction to go, all the time also need to keep the user feedback current position not only in deviation. These do not need to take the absolute positioning of the touch screen; the second is to detect the finger touch action and determine the position of the finger, all kinds of touch screen technology is focused on "detection of finger touch" and The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount.
The first feature of touch screen:
1 transparent: it directly affects the visual effects of touch screen. Transparent degree transparent, infrared touch screen technology and surface acoustic wave touch screen only a layer of pure glass, transparent is the leader, the other touch screen to make this a deliberate, "transparent", the touch screen industry, is a very broad concept, we know that a lot of the touch screen is composite multilayer thin film, with only a little transparent to summarize its visual effect is not enough, it should include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, reflection and clarity, but also subdivided, such as reflective mirror and optical path including the degree of anti reflective diffraction, but we also touch screen surface reflective diffraction not to CD disk, the user is concerned, the four measure has been basically enough. Today I try not combined with specific touch screen to 'queued', is in progress, today is perhaps the most ideal acoustic wave screen, maybe tomorrow is another kind of star, the company through technical nature of the touch screen touch screen come out of some concepts, the purpose is to let users learn to think, learn to judge. The touch screen is optional. First said that the transparency and color distortion, we remind you that we see the color of the world contains a variety of color in the visible light wavelength band, before not completely solve the transparent material technology, before the low cost or not yet well solve the transparent material technology, touch screen multilayer film transmittance in the wavelength the ideal can not reach a consistent state. The transmittance and wavelength curve, distortion through the touch screen to see the inevitable image and original image produced color, static image feeling is only color distortion, dynamic multimedia image feeling is not very comfortable, the maximum color color distortion which is the distortion of the nature is as small as possible. What is commonly referred to as transparency can only be the average transparency in the diagram.
2, reflective: mainly refers to the mirror reflection caused by overlapping images behind the light and shadow, such as shadows, windows, lights and so on. Light is the negative effect brought by the touch screen, the smaller the better, it affects the user's browsing speed, even unable to identify the image characters, reflecting strong use of the touch screen environment is limited, the scene lighting layout were need to adjust. Most existing touch screen reflective problem would provide another after surface treatment type: frosted surface touch screen, also called glareproof, slightly higher prices, anti glare reflective decreased for hall or exhibition places in the lighting is very adequate but antidazzling type transparency and clarity it has decreased greatly.
3, clarity: some touch screen after the installation, blurred handwriting, blurred image details, the whole screen is blurred, not clear, this is the poor clarity. The main problem of resolution is the touch screen of multilayer film structure, which is caused by the light reflection and refraction between the film layers. Besides, the anti dazzle touch screen can cause the decrease of clarity because of the surface frosting. Poor clarity, eye fatigue, eye damage, pick the touch screen should pay attention to discrimination.
Second characteristics of touch screen:
Touch screen is the absolute coordinate system, which point to choose directly, and the relative difference between the mouse and the relative positioning system is an intuitive place. The characteristics of the absolute coordinate system is every location coordinates of a Never mind and location coordinates, the touch screen is a set of independent coordinate system in physics, each touch data through the calibration data into coordinates on the screen so that the touch screen requires this set of coordinates not in what circumstances the output data of the same point is stable, if not stable, so that the touch screen can ensure absolute positioning, from the touch screen that is most afraid of the problem: drift. Technically, there is no guarantee of the same touch, the same touch of each sampling data

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