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Development trend of LCD screen on mobile phone screen

Author:admin Time:2017-06-30

In recent years, mobile phone is a year of innovation, from the beginning of the mobile phone to color intelligent machines now. It can be seen that the change is too great.
Golden FOG
The picture shows the Europa League gold FOG (one of the touch-screen devices)
The development of mobile phone technology is changing with each passing day, and people of our times have witnessed the development of mobile phones. The interaction between mobile phone and people cannot do without the screen of the mobile phone, a mobile phone as the main part of the screen, with the mobile phone through a series of development, from the original black and white screen to screen more gray graphic expression to the subsequent color, then increase the color chromatic number and the improvement of the resolution. It can be said that the development of mobile phone screen also makes our experience in operating mobile phones change accordingly. Of course, today's emphasis is on the touchscreen of your mobile phone.
Touch screen, I believe we should have been no stranger. But at first, touch screens tended to be in a high-end form, and in the eyes of our small people, touch screens seemed to have been a bottomless technology. The touchscreen that we can trace back to, first used on mobile devices, should be Motorola's A6188 in 1999. The emergence of this model has completely changed the concept of mobile operators, of course, more important meaning is that handwriting technology will be introduced into the mobile phone field, while mobile integration PDA intelligent features also first seen Ni end. Later as the technology matures, the touch screen is increasingly being used in mobile phone, its identity from the superior goods became the basic technology popularization of senior people, now using the touch screen mobile phone has almost accounted for nearly half of the proportion of mobile phone market. Touch screens, though, have been used for a long time as a function of handwriting, and we often call touch-screen phones as hand written phones.
As a part of modern mobile phone is indispensable, mobile phone screen has been in development, on the screen are increasingly high requirements, need to do a mobile phone screen touch screen can come to the Europa League, professional LCM/TP module equipment research and development / production / sales / service as one of the manufacturers, 9 years of production experience, the national security of supply.

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