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Analysis and improvement of ACF attachment process

Author:admin Time:2017-06-29

The analysis and improvement of ACF attachment process is divided into 2 parts.
ACF attaching machine
The picture shows the Europa League ACF attaching machine
1, the first is divided into ACF short paste (3 reasons)
Phenomenon: ACF is not fully bonded to the IC compression zone
The reason: scissors ACF position located in the pressure head, and the two should be away from the 1-1.5mm, if too close, the pressure head may be pressed to the cutter position, peeling off the paper when ACF was snapped in the incision, resulting in a ACF fold, may also cause the sticking bad. Confirmation method: after the FPC ACF has been affixed, the position of the press head and the position which is not pressed can be seen or visible under the microscope. The color is obviously different.
Third, measures: if the confirmation of NG; the cutting mechanism is loose and see; if there is no loosening, you need to open the back cover to adjust the relative position of the pressure head and the scissors.
2 and second are ACF fold (3 reasons)
Phenomenon: scissors and scissors constantly cause the last one to turn back.
Reasons: scissors with glue, scissors tilt, scissors not sharp, knife depth is not enough, cutting speed is not appropriate. Method of identification: cut a section of ACF and tape it to see if the fracture is easy to break. If it is broken, will it be pulled up at the fracture surface to change the color of the ACF on the parting paper?.
The Countermeasures: a first, observe whether there is a rubber B, the fixture for check whether the installation of scissors scissors, scissors, knife tilt C check whether blunt D, if the first 3 are excluded from the scissors, can be improved by adjusting the speed of adjustment because the scissors, scissors depth effect is not obvious.
ACF bonding may have other disadvantages, but it is rare and can be prevented very well.

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