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Teach you how to identify whether the screen is OLED screen

Author:admin Time:2017-06-28

Often encountered some customers do not know how to identify the OLED screen, some are using LED screen as a OLED screen to buy back. Next, teach you how to recognize the OLED screen.
42 inches OLB
The graph is to make one of OLED screen equipment, 42 inches OLB
LED screen is a technical setback, because it does not bring any benefits to consumers, but has been increasing costs, it is only a change in shape, but also make consumers pay more. The LED screen itself is not designed for surfaces and consists of many components. When the screen turns into curved surfaces, these parts do not become curved, which is the main reason for the fact that the LED surface is thicker, and even the back uses graphic design.
OLED screen curved TV is not completely mature. The service life is being questioned, it is difficult to draw a conclusion OLED TV screen surface and for how long, this is a truth with the mobile phone, the key is to see the use of personal use, long life time is short, the opposite of life long.
The OLED display technology more than 20, in a 30 inch screen, after reaching the panel size for the TV, many OLED problems are not resolved for many years, such as light attenuation speed, short service life, technical defects, image display is too bright, not natural, so OLED to today, the real promotion value, profit is the small size of the screen area of 10 inches or less, such as intelligent mobile phone, the small size of the display device.
Careful observation, you can easily identify the difference between the OLED screen and the LED screen.

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