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What are the production processes of the LCD LCD touch screen module?

Author:admin Time:2017-06-28

Module factory (LCM), which is the LCD section of the production process, you can understand that the module, two words, that is, modular combination.
12 inches down to fog
Pictured LCD LCD screen production equipment: 12 inch lower position fog
It is divided into 3 steps:
The LCD LCD panel products (Cell), anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACF), driver IC, flexible circuit board (FPC) and PCB circuit board by pressing machine (which in the Lao alchemy stove after a certain temperature and pressure to develop piercing eye);
The next and the backlight board, light source, frame assembly of finished products together;
3 aging treatment, after many detection is the LCD panel we see ";
The working principle of LCD panel
TFT-LCD LCD screen display principle
The LCD screen is formed through the electric circuit of silicon on glass, to drive the liquid crystal molecules and glass filter, in the state of nature is parallel arranged in parallel, when the circuit of an electric field on the liquid crystal layer, the liquid crystal molecules in different direction, then the liquid crystal is similar to the switch allows light to pass through the transparent liquid crystal layer is formed the effect of different, so as to achieve the purpose of display different pictures.
Now, most of the equipment to do LCD screen is some precision equipment, so buy equipment is best optimistic about the strength of equipment manufacturers, maintenance equipment, in general, is still more troublesome.

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