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Introduction of parameters of PCB semi-automatic press press

Author:admin Time:2017-06-22

Equipment use:
Apply to COF and PCB substrate attachment, complete COF alignment, pre pressing and pressing process
PCB semi-automatic pre press
PCB semi-automatic pre press
Technical parameter:
PCB semi-automatic pre press
Size range 1~10mm
Adhesion accuracy + 0.01mm
The production cycle is 13 seconds per second (this press 10S)
Press head quantity 6PCS
CCD quantity 4PCS
Power single phase 220V, power 1000W
Outline dimensions W:1450, D:1300, H:1750
Equipment features:
= high precision constant temperature heating system
= 6 station steel pressure head, 4CCD and para, head number selection work
Te can choose image registration function

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