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Introduction of parameters of COF semi-automatic press

Author:admin Time:2017-06-22

Equipment use:
Apply to Panel on pre attached COF to Bonding again to achieve the connection between COF and COF and Panel corresponding circuit
COF semi-automatic press
Technical parameter:
COF semi-automatic press
Size range 15~42"
Adhesion accuracy + 5 m
Production capacity of 45 /H (calculated by 6+3)
Press head quantity 6PCS
Power single phase 220V, power 2000W
Outline dimensions W:1450, D:1200, H:1750
Equipment features:
Panasonic = PLC control system
The town of precision low friction cylinder pressure control, ensure the accuracy of pressure control
Setting = high steel structure, double head ceramic preparation, to ensure the stability of the equipment
PLD = constant temperature heating control, automatic temperature compensation, guarantee the temperature stability of hot pressing

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