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A brief introduction to understanding the LCM module

Author:admin Time:2017-06-08

Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the structure and advantages and disadvantages of the LCM module y;
The LCM module can be divided into LCD, IC, FPC, POL, BLU, and some other components.
LCM, also called LCM display module, LCD module, refers to the liquid crystal display devices, connectors, control and drive peripheral circuit, PCB circuit board, backlight, structural components and other components assembled together.
Small and medium size LCM module has a wide range of applications, to mobile phone, MP3, MP4, digital camera, digital camera, digital photo frame, game machine, machine learning, GPS, vehicle display, portable handheld computer, TV and other multimedia audio-visual products. Requirements of the market more flexible, more types.
LCM has digital advantages and disadvantages?
Some advantages of LCM;
Low voltage drive
Low consumption current
Thin in size and light in weight
Large area can be realized
Colorization is easy
Some of the limitations of LCM;
Perspective restriction
Plus backlight or projection light source
Temperature operating range limit
As can be seen from the above comparison, the disadvantages and limitations of the LCM are acceptable.

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