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Common problems and solutions of LCD screen

Author:admin Time:2017-06-07

 The United States of Europe automation equipment Co., Ltd. supply LCD screen hot press, LCD FAQ and solutions:
Huaping: slow response, drawing, flashing, beating, deformation, out of order, gate driverr driver / Black failure parts or drive shaft drive or Y / door, signal power supply current LCD panel gate driverr driver PCB are made by COF through the end of the panel edge of ITO line, and finally to the gate driverr driver, the loop any link problems are likely to make the image scan timing error, slow response, drawing, flashing, beating, deformation, out of order, stop working to protect the black screen...
Gamma voltage anomalies: gray scale and color anomalies.
Abnormal power supply: dark belt or no work (if power supply or STH output open, see where the driver is located, will affect the driving behind the work, forming a large area of failure)
Most of the above is caused by PCB side failure (does not rule out the COF drive itself failure), just take the PCB side to take apart, re wash again, paste ACF glue, use hot press again pressure on it.
X axis multiple regional anomaly: the design scheme of scanning mode of X axis according to different manufacturers, he can be from left to right, or from right to left, or from the middle to both sides of the scanning mode, no matter what kind of way is a relay race, like an athlete lap after the baton handed another player to let him run a circle...... a circle is equivalent to a COF work area, the baton is equivalent to STH (STH source source driver start pulse equivalent to gate driven STV signal), if a player has not run a circle you have fallen down, after a player not to Baton will not run! That is, the following COF drivers will not work properly, the formation of the whole screen does not work, or the front can do, and the back is not normal (flash, jump, black, black)
Ribbon, dark band and interference: we speak here refers to a single regional image but the image is not normal, partial color or brightness or abnormal color interference; source driverr driver (also called data terminal driver, source driver, vertical drive shaft driven by X or X, is a good expression of English letters a little, we used is called the X axis) in addition to the connection and the other end panel electrode, and PCB is connected through the same ACF bond, after hot pressing to form an energizing circuit, PCB terminal to source driverr driver to provide power and signal transmission and gammma gamma voltage etc.;
Black screen: COF power supply short circuit, short-circuit, DC-DC circuit into the state of protection, the main voltage without output, the whole machine to stop working, the fault phenomenon is black screen.
LCD screen some of the common problems or good solution, if there is difficult to deal with problems, you can go to Shenzhen, the European Union to buy LCD screen maintenance equipment;

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