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What is the vacuum laminating machine? What's the function?

Author:admin Time:2017-06-06

 What is the vacuum laminating machine? What's the function?
Vacuum laminating machine is one of the equipment used for mobile phone screen bonding. It is used to fit the screen of mobile phone;
Vacuum laminating machine can be called OCA laminating machine, or it can be called touch screen laminating machine. PLC or microcontroller controlled automation products, mobile phone screen is one of the equipment used. It is the vacuum box mobile phone LCD screen and a glass cover is placed in the "vacuum" of the environment, the use of cylinder pressure machine vacuum cylinder mould in the fall, will be placed in the vacuum glass cover cylinder die and pressing the LCD screen completely. In order to complete the mobile phone screen maintenance of the key process, that is, "OCA" bonding process";
Vacuum laminating machine is one of the important equipment in the production of mobile phone screen, it is the use of PLC as the control center of the whole system, to realize the attached operation of the whole process of.PLC by the pulse output specific output pulse control of pneumatic components, the LCD rotation platform circle direction precision movement to the designated location at a predetermined position. Can be used for OCA glue and glass or PET automatic bonding process, Samsung mobile phones, apple phones, tablet computers and other electronic products touch screen diaphragm and cover plate automatic bonding;
In general, this piece of fit to do mobile phone screen is also a crucial item, the European Union automation has 9 years of experience in mobile phone screen, from doing screen to fitting, has a wealth of experience;

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