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Introduction of parameters of COG pre press and automatic contraposition IC press

Author:admin Time:2017-06-05

 Introduction of parameters of COG pre press and automatic contraposition IC press
This chapter mainly introduces some parameters, characteristics and so on of COG pre press, and the specific parameters are provided by customer service.
The function:
This machine adopts Panasonic PLC control system and man-machine interface;
You can quickly change the IC without stopping the machine. The speed is fast and the capacity is guaranteed;
The system adopts high precision, high speed automatic alignment image processing system and precise automatic fine tuning worktable
Product design is reasonable, give full play to high efficiency, high precision, high reliability and so on;
The debugging is simple and convenient, and the company will study for one day to ensure flexible debugging;
The characteristics:
10.2 inch touch screen display and operation;
Adopt high precision control, constant temperature heating control system is stable;
The adsorption platform is made of imported aluminum alloy with surface super - dural oxidation;
High precision platform alignment;
The image alignment system is clear and the CCD automatic contraposition is adopted to make the counterpoint convenient, clear and accurate;
COG press head adopts SUS440C to ensure high press precision, parallel adjustment with adjusting screw, convenient and simple;
The equipment runs with high accuracy and accuracy, and can guarantee the capacity and reliability of the system;
* parameter:
This machine is suitable for substrate: 1~7 "TFT";
Press head size: free to order;
Local alignment accuracy: + 2 m
Production capacity: equipment beat: 3.8S, maximum capacity 1200pcs/H
Actual capacity: TFT, 900-1000pcs/H,
Heating method: constant temperature heating 0 ~ 399 degrees centigrade
Pressure setting: 0.02-0.3mpa
Power supply: AC230V + 10%, 40Hz, 1100W
Overall size: 1100mm * 1000mm * 1350mm (L * W * H)
Weight: 520kg

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