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What's the price of the hot press?

Author:admin Time:2017-06-03

 What's the price of the hot press?
Also called hot press bonding machine, also called pressure screen machine, automatic Champions League is mainly to do LCM touch screen, mobile phone screen, Ye Jingping and so on module equipment, including some of their league brand mobile phone R & D and production of new machines and the acquisition of two, there is a need to be able to examine the Europa league.
Some specific parameters of FPC hot press:
1. pulse heating mode, according to different products, heating speed can be set up.
2. unique free floating head design to ensure product pressure average.
3., with vacuum function, adjust the position more convenient, single station automatic access, hands pressing system.
4. temperature CNC, clear and precise, programmable curve, including preheating and reflow soldering temperature.
5. 、 digital display pressure switch, preset pressure range, realize overvoltage protection function.
6.PLC control, 5 inch color touch screen, LCD display input, real-time temperature curve display.
7. Chinese menu, all parameters settings, browsing concise and intuitive, simple operation.
8., and password protection, system self-test, fault alarm display function.
According to the requirements of customers such as the required size, accuracy, single head or long and so on some properties of customized hot pressing machine, so the heat press price estimation deviation, specific business, or you can ask the Europa League to visit the company.

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