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Brief introduction of hot press and function introduction

Author:admin Time:2017-06-02

 Brief introduction of hot press and function introduction
It can be called hot press bonding machine, also called pressure screen machine. It can be divided into constant temperature hot press, pulse hot press, double station hot press, double pressure head pulse hot press and desktop hot press.
It is a kind of temperature that heats up two tin parts with sufficient flux prior to melting and flowing the solder. After curing, a permanent electrical and mechanical connection between the parts and the solder is formed. Should be different products, heating rate for selection. Titanium alloy pressure head ensures average temperature, rapid heating and long service life. The head is specially designed to ensure that the components are pressed equally. CNC temperature, clear and precise. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, preset pressure range.
Suitable for mobile phone manufacturers, manufacturers, touch screen, computer, printer, some aspects of membrane switch and so on, the Europa League automation is mainly to do mobile phone screen, touch screen, LCD screen and so on some aspects of the equipment, including screen series of equipment maintenance.

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