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What's the difference between pulse hot press and constant temperature hot press?

Author:admin Time:2017-06-01

What's the difference between pulse hot press and constant temperature hot press?
In simple terms, heating is different. One is pulse, and the other is constant temperature.
Pulse hot press heating method: through hot pressing head loaded on a pulse voltage, hot head heating, will be connected with the body temperature, when the temperature reaches the melting point of solder (i.e. up to the preset temperature), will be connected with this object between tin and its melting together pulse control. Hot press temperature closed loop in general.
Advantages: pulse pulse hot press welding device for welding operation of hot press is mainly used in normal SMT+ reflow oven can not be used, and the use of iron welding to welding appearance inconsistent, uneven, prone to weld and weld bad products. While the pulse hot press is different from the constant temperature soldering iron, pulse hot press in transient current can reach the desired temperature, and once the welding ends without voltage, instantly reach room temperature; and the welding head is smooth, so the smooth appearance of welding, rare adverse weld.
Constant temperature hot press heating mode: it always works in the state of constant temperature. It is the most widely used equipment in the process of liquid crystal panel assembly.
The advantages of constant temperature hot press: its main function is to make a mechanical and electronic connection between ITO and ACF and FPC on the LCD panel. Branch of semiconductor device of constant temperature hot pressing machine belongs to the electronic manufacturing equipment, so the equipment precision requirement is high, are generally equipped with a vision system, equipment design and general prohibition of air pollution produced oil and other ingredients, so the general use of cylinder parts, precision linear slide, and the air is used to provide air oil-free air machine. One is beneficial to the life of the equipment, and the two does not produce large oil particles in the working environment.

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