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Should the second-hand hot press be bought?

Author:admin Time:2017-06-01

 Should the second-hand hot press be bought?
We all know that the difference between the used hot press is very large, and sometimes the equipment we buy sometimes has a variety of problems and defects. Then, should we buy this kind of equipment and machinery?
In the European Union, we have acquired two brands of mobile phones in addition to being our own brands to meet the needs of customers at lower prices or with automatic lines.
Used hot press has several advantages:
1.: the price advantage in terms of price for second-hand equipment has great advantages, less than half of the new hot press at least, even more than half of the price, can save a lot of money for cash strapped customers.
2. excessive products: some customers do not find the ideal used hot press, but they need to catch the goods, or insufficient funds to buy new equipment. You can use the two mobile phone as excessive products at this stage, even if they sell will not lose much money, because it is second-hand equipment.
3. product collocation: for example, customers have their own a line, but the difference is not the same as the 1-2 brand, equipment maintenance and trouble, but directly to buy a new machine under the condition of not saying, can try to fill the post, such as the replacement of the Europa League to achieve their satisfaction.
Of course, the two mobile phone also has its own defects, it is the year old machine is likely to exist a variety of problems, such as aging parts inside the machine, line, precision products, production capacity and so on some problems.
General to buy second-hand hot press need to seriously consider some possible problems, choose a customer service support service has safeguard, is a better measure of European Automated used hot press has been 9 years, as an old brand is already known for customer service service league.

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